Lourdes. lord. Lordess whatevs. Queer WoC 20 year old. Feminist. Fat, body,people positive. Against ads against meanness against buttholes! Currently a student at hartnell community college in my beautiful hometown Salinas, CA. Studying towards being a health educator with a focus on guidance counseling skills for youth and such.

I enjoy theatre when I can get in it. I really like movies and tv and music. I am very out there and enjoy public speaking. I love learning I love finding out what I know is not right because it means I'm bettering myself. Growing is cool. Pizza is cool. Chinese food is cool. Animals are cool. My cat Blackbeard is cool. Friends are cool! I'm friendly so talk to me!


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I may be pretty as an angel, but I sure as hell ain’t one.


im pretty sure bromance is the perfect example of how embarrassingly fragile masculinity is. you know what a female bromance is called? a friendship 

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Baby Phat 

I look so good how are y’all so fake 
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But that was what I came here for.

when you have A LOT in common with someone


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when all the white friends in your squad know their boundaries


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"He even had a bet going on with his friends. He was going to nail you tonight." 
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instead of watching the 50 Shades trailer, why not just make awkward eye contact with a total stranger at the grocery store for a solid 2 minutes and 34 seconds? you get the same skin-crawling, uncomfortable feeling but without the shitty writing, terrible acting and massive dose of rape culture

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but everything changed when the fire nation got fabulous.
"Nothing will ruin your 20’s more than thinking you should have your life together already."  - (via hoochiemermaid)

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Little victories

Struggling against oppression is endless. The trolls never stop, and you are fighting culture,…

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