Lourdes. lord. Lordess whatevs. Queer WoC 20 year old. Feminist. Fat, body,people positive. Against ads against meanness against buttholes! Currently a student at hartnell community college in my beautiful hometown Salinas, CA. Studying towards being a health educator with a focus on guidance counseling skills for youth and such.

I enjoy theatre when I can get in it. I really like movies and tv and music. I am very out there and enjoy public speaking. I love learning I love finding out what I know is not right because it means I'm bettering myself. Growing is cool. Pizza is cool. Chinese food is cool. Animals are cool. My cat Blackbeard is cool. Friends are cool! I'm friendly so talk to me!


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when u burn someone in front of ur friends



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hey someone told me you remind them of an owl



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if ur hair covers ur boobs u have mermaid hair and u are a mermaid i dont make the rules

As a man with a hairy chest, I was very, very confused by this post for about ten seconds.

You are a mermaid, sir

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this is a daily reminder to support women:

  • support women while having critical conversations
  • support women who have critical conversations
  • support women who agree with you
  • support women who disagree with you
  • support women who are vulnerable in some ways
  • support women who are strong in others
  • support women who have never had such care
  • support women who just need a little bit of encouragement
  • support women, always

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why does no one ever talk about what fire actually is like it’s not a solid, liquid or gas, it’s just kinda there

this is one of the things that have mindfucked me since forever
like what is it

I asked my chemistry teacher this the other day and he said it’s technically a gas but then he whispered that it’s actually not and scientists just don’t want to admit that they have no fucking clue
my chemistry teacher’s great

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never ask white people what their ethnicity is unless you wanna hear a list of every european country and meaningless fractions

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"A woman is only vulnerable when her nail polish is drying, and even then she can still pull a trigger."  - some great quote I heard somewhere once upon a time and that is very, very true (via traffic-jam-session)

love af.

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When are folks gonna learn?

Do we know which Home Depot in Charleston, IL to call to get this piece of shit fired?

1301 Fort Worth Way, Mattoon, IL 61938(217) 235-0700
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Ferguson vs Pumpkin fest  The media’s treatment of these two events were shameful!

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18.05.2014I learned yesterday that when you see a bee on the ground that isn’t moving, it’s not necessarily dead, it’s probably just dead tired from carrying lots of pollen and needs re-energising. So if you mix a tiny bit of water with some sugar and let it drink it will give it the boost it needs to continue on its way. Bizarrely, this exact thing happened today! I found a knackered bee, mixed up some sugar water, gave it a drink and watched it guzzle and guzzle then suddenly come back to life. It was amazing! Thank you patrick, it was an excellent tip that i’ll never forget and will continue to pass on to others!

boost this because look bEES ARE DYING AND WE REALLY NEED TO HELP THEM!!!!!!

Help them, sweetlings!

Aww I love bees
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Whites riot over pumpkins in NH and Twitter turns it into epic lesson about Ferguson, aka The Best of #PumpkinFest, PT 1. #staywoke

in this week’s episode of shit black folks would get murdered or jailed with no trial for
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I read the tweet, and then I read the username.


why the fuck does everyone in the purge movies want to kill people if crime was legal i’d find a way to erase my student debt and also probably steal a bunch of new clothes

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I’ve always pretended to improv. Sneaking in a joke like I’ve stumbled on it, coming up with good comebacks for things that haven’t even happened… My whole life i’ve done that.